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Located just over 20 km from the center of Tirana, Mount Dajti is one of the most accessible mountain reserves and characteristics not only of Tirana, but of the whole Albanian territory. Declared a National Park in 1966, the mountain is accessible via the modern cable car "Dajti Ekspres"; that starts from the outskirts of town, at the end of the street Qemal Stafa, and that in a few minutes allows reaching quickly and safely, or by following the road towards Linza goes up to the cable car station terrace. For the car journey take about half hour passing through magnificent forests and skirting the mountainside before reaching its destination.

The mountain, with its 1613 m high, is not among the highest of the country but it offers a beautiful view in a position to see the whole city up to the limit, is also known Skanderbeg Square, as the "Balcony of Tirana". In addition to its geographical location and its characteristic shape of a camel, the mountain is known in particular for its many nature activities that you can pursue an as hiking, trekking, skiing and horseback riding. In addition, you can also enjoy a delicious lunch at one of these restaurants, where they are delicious traditional dishes prepared, both meat and fish, especially freshwater fish caught in nearby rivers Erzen and Ishmi.

The park covers more than three thousand hectares of forest characterized by a rich layering of the vegetation. At high altitude they are of pine, oak forests, beech and plane trees, while in low altitude is a thick Mediterranean shrubs such as arbutus, mimosa, broom, myrtle, rosemary and cistus. On the western side of the mountain at about 1000 m high, lie the famous terraces of Dajt, which constitute an area of meadows and beech forests. Equally rich and populated it is also characterized by the wildlife grizzly bears, wolves, foxes, wild boars, hares, squirrels, hawks and eagles. Summer is cool and in winter the mountain slopes are covered with snow, becoming ski slopes that are besieged by visitors and snow enthusiasts to experience days full of fun and sport.

Among the things to visit nearby include: the Pellumbas cave, also known as the Black Cave, located near the Skoranes throat, which constitutes one of the rare examples of karst cave with these characteristics in Europe; the Tujan throat, hiding inside caves unexplored karst formed millions of years ago; and the remains of Castello Dajti, Roman fort dating back to the sixth century inserted between the Cultural Monuments of Albania.

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